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Yolo County Sheriff's Office

Service Without Limitations

Command Staff


Undersheriff-Coroner Tom Lopez was born and raised in Yolo County. He joined the Sheriff’s Office in 1980 as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff, became a full time Deputy in 1984, and transferred to the Sacramento County Marshall’s Office in 1985. He returned to the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office in 1988 as a Resident Deputy and Field Training Officer in the Esparto–Capay Valley area.

Tom promoted to Sergeant in 1993 and supervised Patrol, Security and Investigations at the jail, Legal Services and Investigations. In 1999, he promoted to Lieutenant and was assigned to the Administrative Division where he was in charge of Training, Personnel, Civil and Internal Affairs. In June of 2001 Tom promoted to the rank of Captain. He was assigned to the Detention Division for four years, Field Operations Division for eight months, and the Administrative Division for the last year and half. While assigned to the Detention Division, Tom was charged with the care and custody of 452 inmates and was responsible for the supervision of 137 employees. He also oversaw the Office’s Planning and Research Section. As the Field Operations Commander, Tom oversaw the Sheriff’s patrol force. As the Administrative Division Commander, Tom supervised the Personnel Section, Finance Section, and continued to oversee the Department’s Planning and Research Section. On April 28, 2006, Tom was named the “2005 Sworn Manager of the Year” at the Sheriff’s Office annual awards banquet. He was promoted to Undersheriff-Coroner in January 2007.

Tom holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and is active in the community as a Fire Chief of the Madison Fire Protection District. He also serves as a board member on Capay Valley Vision. Undersheriff Lopez resides in western Yolo County.

Captain Dale Johnson  currently oversees the Field Operations Division. Captain Johnson joined the Sheriff’s Office in 1992 after serving six years in the United States Army. After graduating the police academy, he was assigned to Detention, Field Operations, YONET and SWAT.

In 2000, he was promoted to Sergeant and worked in Marine Patrol, Investigations, Yolo County Gang Task Force and SWAT (Team Leader).

In 2011, he was promoted to Lieutenant. He was assigned as the Administrative Division Commander and was in charge of Personnel, Civil, Internal Affairs and SWAT (Tactical Commander).

He was promoted to Captain in 2013, and was assigned to his current position as the Field Operations Commander.  Dale was named “1995 Deputy of the Year”, “2007 and 2010 Sworn Manager of the Year”. He has received numerous commendations including several from US Senator Barbara Boxer.

Captain Carter Vaughn began his career with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff on March 7, 1994. As a Deputy, he has worked numerous assignments, including Detention, Investigations, Court Services and Field Operations.  During his career, Carter has been a Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, and Armorer.

In June 2002, Carter was promoted to Sergeant and was then assigned to Field Operations. He was transferred to the Court Services/Transportation Section in 2004.

In April 2007, Carter was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to Field Operations. In 2009, he began supervising both Court Services/Transportation and Night Shift Patrol. In 2013, Carter was assigned to Court Services/Transportation fulltime and began to assist in the construction of the new Yolo County Courthouse.

Carter has received numerous commendations for Dedicated Service, Distinguished Service, and was named the 2004 Sworn Manager of the Year.

Carter is the proud father of David and has two grandchildren.

Lieutenant Lance Faille began his career with the Office in 1994. As a deputy, he worked numerous assignments including Detention, Clarksburg Resident Deputy, Detective, Task Force Agent and SWAT.

In both, 1996 and 2005, Lance was selected as Deputy of the Year and in 2006 he was selected as the California Homicide Investigator’s Association’s (CHIA) Investigator of the Year.

Lance was promoted to Sergeant in 2007. In that capacity he supervised Patrol, Investigations, Community Resources and the Civil Section. Lance also had the collateral assignment of Press Information Officer and is currently the Office’s Range Master.

Lance resides in Woodland with his wife and three children. Lieutenant Faille is currently assigned to Field Operations.

pires_louis221Lieutenant Louie Pires was born and raised in Yolo County.  He started his career with the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office in 1993 as a Correctional Officer and was hired as a Deputy Sheriff in 1995.  In May of 1998, Louie was hired as a Deputy Sheriff with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office.  As a Deputy Sheriff he worked several different assignments including Security and Investigations at the jail, Court Services, Patrol and Investigations.

Louie promoted to the rank of Sergeant in November of 2002 and supervised several sections including Patrol, Civil, Court Services, Investigations, and Community Services.  Louie has been in charge of several volunteer organizations within the Sheriff’s Office including S.T.A.R.S, Cadets, Reserves and the Aero Squadron.   During his career he has received several awards including “Certificate of Commendation for Dedicated Service” in 2000 and 2003, and the “2011 Sworn Manager of the Year.” Louie continues to reside in Yolo County with his wife Ting, and their children.

Lieutenant Ray Jimenez started his law enforcement career in the City of Winters where he worked for 6 years and was promoted to Corporal.  He came to the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff in August of 2004.

During his 10+ years with the YCSO, Lt. Jimenez has worked in numerous assignments such as Court Services, Civil Section Deputy, and as a Detective in Investigations.

In January 2009, he tested for and was selected to promote to the rank of Sergeant. As a Sergeant, Ray was assigned to Field Operations, the Yolo County Gang Task Force and the Yolo Narcotic Enforcement Team.   During his assignment in Field Operations, he led the Crisis Negotiation Team and was the Community Resource Sergeant.

In December 2011, Lieutenant Jimenez was presented with a Sheriff’s Special Commendation for consistently demonstrating the Sheriff’s motto of “Service Without Limitations.”

Lieutenant Hernan Oviedo began his career with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff Reserve and became a full time Deputy Sheriff in June 1998.  He was promoted to Sergeant in 2011 and his promotion to Lieutenant was effective December 20, 2015.

In Hernan’s 17 year career at the Sheriff’s Office, he has worked numerous assignments including: Detention, Court Services, Field Operations, Investigations, FBI Safe Streets Team and the Yolo County Gang Task Force.  Hernan has also served as a member of the SWAT Team since 2001 and the Off Highway Vehicle Team.

Over the years, Hernan has received many letters of appreciation from members of the community as well as members of other law enforcement agencies for his dedication and service.  In 2005, he was part of the Investigations team that was named Team of the Year and he received a Certificate of Commendation for Distinguished Service in 2006.  In 2010, Hernan was selected by his peers and named the 2010 Deputy of the Year.

Chief Animal Services Officer Vicky Fletcher was born in Salinas, California, and raised in Yolo County. She joined Yolo County under the Agriculture Department as an Animal Control Officer in 1986. The Animal Services Section became a part of the Sheriff’s Office in 1988. In 1990 she was promoted to Supervising Animal Services Officer. In 1991 she was reclassified as Chief Animal Services Officer. In 1998 she was reclassified to Business Services Manager as well as retaining the title of Chief Officer for purposes of enforcing County Code.

Vicky, while working for over 23 years in the field of animal control, has received many honors for her dedication to her work and the County. In 1993 she was named by Yolo County as Outstanding Employee for 1992. That same year she also received Yolo County Sheriff’s Office Employee of the Year. In 1994 she was named as Employee of the Year for Yolo County as well as the Sheriff’s Office. She has also received numerous commendations.

Vicky, from 2000 to 2006, was a Board Member for the California Animal Control Directors Association; their mission is to provide guidance and direction to animal control agencies throughout the state of California and to provide leadership on animal related legislation. In addition, she is a founding member and board member of the Yolo County Sheriff’s Posse, a non-profit volunteer organization which provides support to the Sheriff’s Office and is dedicated to search and rescue and community outreach. Business Services Manager/Chief Officer Fletcher resides in Woodland with her husband, pets and horses.

Correctional Lieutenant Tina Day has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 1988. As a Correctional Officer, Day worked numerous assignments including training officer and STC Coordinator. Day also participated on the transition team in the opening of the Walter J. Leinberger Memorial Minimum Security Detention Facility.

Day promoted to Correctional Sergeant in 1992. In that capacity she supervised a shift of Correctional Officers on the night shift. In 1996 Day was assigned to the Leinberger Sergeant’s position, overseeing the daily operations of the minimum-security facility as well as the Home Custody/Work Programs Office. In 1997 Day also began supervising the Services Section of the Detention Division.

Day promoted to Correctional Lieutenant in 2001 and was assigned to the Monroe Detention Center. In this assignment Day is in charge of two shifts, Leinberger Center, Sheriff’s Work Program, Monroe Center Kitchen, Services, and the Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Day was raised in Woodland and graduated from Woodland Community College with an Associates Degree in Plant Science. Day was Manager of the Year in 2002.

hunter_drella130Correctional Lieutenant Drella L. Hunter began her career with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office in November 2000.  As a Correctional Officer, she has worked several assignments including the Monroe and Leinberger Facilities, as well as Court Holding.

In 2002 Drella completed the Correctional Officer’s Core Academy and was selected as a Jail Training officer in 2003.  In 2004, she was selected by her shift sergeant to train as Officer in Charge.

In 2005, Drella was chosen by the Department and flown to Seattle Washington to take a course on Recruiting in Law Enforcement and was promoted to Correctional Sergeant in September of 2006.

As a Correctional Sergeant, Drella worked at the Monroe Detention Facility from 2006 until 2013 when she was selected to oversee the daily operations of the Sheriff’s Office Work and Home Custody Programs at the Leinberger Facility, where she was also influential in shaping the County’s Daily Reporting Center.

Drella is the proud wife of retired Officer Darnell Hunter, who worked for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations for 30 years.  She is also the mother of Alice, Kimberly and Brandon.

Correctional Lieutenant Robin Malugani began her career with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office in October 1988. As a Correctional Officer, she has worked all aspects of the detention facilities including Jail Training Officer and STC Coordinator.  Robin was promoted to Correctional Sergeant in September 2006.

Correctional Lieutenant Malugani’s many accomplishments include developing and implementing a new visiting by appointment procedure at the Leinberger Facility, ADSEG Review Log, employee sick leave tracking tool, and color coded electronic monitoring information summary face sheet.  She was instrumental in implementing the Transitional Housing program and modernizing and updating the Jail Training Program.  Robin also initiated the new inmate telephone system and Lexipol Policy and Procedure transitions.

In 1995, Robin was awarded Correctional Officer of the Year and has also received two Certificates of Commendation for Dedicated Service in 2005 and 2013.

Robin is married to Tom and is the proud mother of 3 sons, Anthony (wife Rae), Russell (fiancée Katelynn), and Spencer.  She also has 3 grandchildren, Mason, Evie and Carmella.

Chief Deputy Coroner Gina Moya began her career with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office in December 2000. As a Deputy Coroner, she has worked numerous cases and has received several letters of appreciation from friends and family members whom have suffered the loss of loved ones. Gina has participated in the Every 15 Minutes Program at the local High Schools in Yolo County as well as the series “Informed Choices After Death” for the Yolo Adult Day Health Center.
Gina was born in Concord, New Hampshire. She graduated from Franklin Pierce College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice in 1999 and then graduated in 2000 from the University of New Haven with a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science.
In 2004, Gina was presented with a Certificate of Commendation from the Board of Supervisors for her Outstanding Performance as recognized by the 2003-2004 Grand Jury. She was also selected as the 2009 Yolo County Sheriff’s Office Employee of the Year.
Gina obtained Diplomat status with the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators in 2004 and then became a member of the Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team, Region IX (DMORT-IX) in 2006 as a Medical Investigator. She was deployed to American Samoa in 2009 for support during the tsunami.

Gina is married to Jo Moya and has a stepdaughter, Nicole White. Gina and Jo currently reside in Roseville.

Sheriff’s Chief of Finance Rosario Ruiz-Dark was previously with the Sheriff’s Office from 2001 to 2006. She spent three years as the Department of Employment and Social Services’ Chief Financial Officer before returning to the Sheriff’s Office in 2009. Her current assignments include overseeing the Finance Section which is responsible for accounts receivable, accounts payables, contracts, payroll, budget building and budget monitoring.

Rosario was elected to the Woodland Joint Unified School District in 2007 and served as the School Board President in 2009. She is active in the Tafoya Elementary School Site Council, Douglass Middle School Parent Teacher Association and the District’s Key Communicators Group.

Rosario was born and raised in Woodland and graduated from UC Davis with a bachelor’s in Economics and then from California State University Sacramento with a Master’s in Economics. Rosario was the Civilian Manager of the Year in 2004. She also received the Sheriff’s special commendation award in 2003.