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Cadet Program

BSA Explorer Post 910

cadet2The Yolo County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with Boy Scouts of America, has sponsored our Cadet Program since 1982. The Cadet Program is a non-profit organization. The Cadet Program has proven to be an excellent training ground for many of the young men and women looking forward to becoming full time peace officers. We currently have 20 cadets in the program.

In order to meet the program goals, the cadets receive continuous training and work experience. Formal training is obtained through law enforcement academies and the regional and national conferences. In the academy, the cadets spend two nights and two full days in a “boot-camp” type life style where they are given a glimpse of a cadet’s life in a police academy. Each year two academies are made available by different law enforcement agencies for cadet training. Work experience is obtained from actual work at various events and functions at the local level. This may include but is not limited to: directing traffic, parking and crowd control, and giving assistance when requested, such as helping to locate missing persons.

Cadets provide services and support at a number of functions including: The Capay Valley Almond Festival, Yolo County Fair, Woodland Christmas parade, Yolo Deputy Sheriff’s Association concert, “Stroll through History”, Cub Scout Jamboree campout at Nelson’s Grove, Scottish Games, Cache Creek Conservatory opening ceremonies, Rhoda Maxwell School Carnival, and Deganawidah-Quetzalcoatl University. In years past our cadet troop attended the Challenge 2000 Conference in San Mateo County.

Cadets are required to spend five hours per month attending meetings and training. Qualified cadets participate in the ride-along program where they ride with a deputy to observe and gain working knowledge. Additionally, the cadet advisor spends an average of 40 hours per month overseeing the program along with two co-advisors.

If you are interested in becoming a Sheriff’s Cadet or have any further questions, you can pick up an application in the front office of the Sheriff’s Office or contact Sgt. Bautista at (530) 668-5210.