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Yolo County Sheriff's Office

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Anti Theft Dots

The Yolo County Sheriff”s Office has introduced a new technology to the community in an effort to reduce property theft and return recovered property to their rightful owner. This technology, Anti-Theft Dots, is a special substance that is unique to each user.

Suspended inside this special substance are thousands of microscopic dots, smaller than the size of a grain of sand. Each dot has a unique PIN that is registered to the user. The substance can be applied to all types of property, from bikes, electronics, tools, equipment and more. This substance is extremely hard to remove and can withstand high temperatures. The user will apply the substance to their valuables and register their PIN in the Law Enforcement National Recovery Database (LENRD).  The Sheriff’s Office is equipped with scanning devices to determine if property is marked.  If so, a unique reader is placed over the micro dots to read the PIN.  The PIN is then uploaded into the LENRD and the proper owner’s information is obtained.

To purchase anti theft dots visit www.antitheftdots.com or purchase them where they are sold locally at Foy’s Bike Shop on Main Street in Woodland.

Anti Theft Dots Information