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Animal Services Fees

Please note that per Food and Agriculture Code 30503, no public animal control agency or shelter shall sell or give away to a new owner any dog or cat that has not been spayed or neutered. When adopting a pet the fee includes spay or neuter, microchip and certain tests and vaccines.


Dogs $150.00
Includes spay/neuter, microchip, bordatella vaccination, DHPP vaccination, and heartworm test. New owners in the county will be charged $15 for license (if dog is over 4 months old). New owners out of county do not have to pay license fee in Yolo County as they will have to license the dogs in their county of residence.
Cats $110.00
Includes spay/neuter, microchip, and FVRCP vaccination.


Dog, Unaltered $38.00/yr
Dog, Altered $19.00/yr
Cat, Unaltered (Voluntary) $38.00/yr
Cat, Altered (Voluntary) $19.00/yr
Late License, Prior Year Penalty $20.00
Replacement Tag $10.00
Vicious Animal License $40.00
Kennel License $100.00
Kennel License Late/Prior Year Penalty $50.00
Kennel Inspection (9 or more animals) $200.00

Animal Spay/Neuter

Dog Spay/Neuter $100.00
Pregnant Dog Spay/Neuter $146.00
Cat Spay/Neuter $100.00
Pregnant Cat Spay/Neuter $146.00
Rabbit Spay/Neuter $146.00


Natural Animals – Dogs and Cats
First Impound $80.00+unneutered animal impound fine of $35.00
Second Impound $110.00+unneutered animal impound fine of $50.00
Third Impound $140.00+unneutered animal impound fine of $100.00
Altered Animals – Dogs and Cats
First Impound $30.00
Second Impound $50.00
Third Impound $70.00
Livestock $115.00

Boarding Fees

Dog and Cat $15.00/day
Livestock $20.00/day
Quarantine $30.00/day


Euthanasia (Owner requested) $55.00
Trap Rental, Small $10.00/day, plus $68.00 deposit
Trap Rental, Large $10.00/day, plus $390.00 deposit


DHPP $20.00
Bordatella $10.00
Rabies $8.00
FVRCP $10.00
Rabies $8.00
FelV $20.00


Giardia $20.00
FelV / FIV $30.00
FelV $25.00


Trapped Wildlife Pickup $50.00
Trapped Wildlife Surrendered at Shelter $10.00
Owned Surrendered Pick-up $40.00
Owned (In County) Small Animal (Dog/Cat) surrendered at Shelter $25.00
Owned (Out of County) Small Animal (Dog/Cat) surrendered at Shelter $50.00
Owned Large Animal (Livestock) surrendered at Shelter $30.00


First Impound $150.00
Second Impound $250.00
Third Impound $350.00
Boarding Fee $30.00/day

Please note that any boarding, immunization, and licensing fees are due at the time of redemption.

Fees were updated as of July 1, 2012 and are subject to change without notice. We apologize for any inconvenience or potential discrepancy. The actual fee charged at the time of service for services rendered. Refer to this information as a guideline.