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Yolo County Sheriff's Office

Honored to Serve

Court Services

The Yolo County Court Services and Transportation Sections are comprised of one Lieutenant, one Sergeant, 29 Deputy Sheriffs and one civilian transportation coordinator.

The presence of the Sheriff has also long been required in the courts to provide a safe and secure atmosphere for the dispensing of justice.  California State law states, “The sheriff in attendance upon court shall act as the crier thereof.  He shall call the parties and witnesses and all other persons bound to appear at the court and make proclamation of the opening and adjournment of the court and of any other matter under its direction.”

There are currently 13 judicial officers presiding in four court locations in Yolo County.  Deputies assigned to our court services section provide security functions to ensure the safety and decorum of the Court is maintained by patrolling court facilities, keeping custody of inmates during court appearances, providing courtroom security, and by protecting judicial officials, jurors, witnesses and court employees.

Our transportation section is responsible for transporting inmates to and from the courthouse and the jail.  This section also handles extraditions from states across the country and transports inmates to and from prisons and jails throughout California.  These duties are accomplished through the use of the Sheriff’s Offices buses, vans, and cars.

In addition to our regular duties, these sections provide deputies for Board of Supervisor meetings and Grand Jury hearings to preserve order and ensure the safety of those attending the meetings and we respond to alarm calls at the County Administration Building in Woodland and assist outside agencies with mutual aid.