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Yolo County Sheriff's Office

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COVID-19 Mitigation & Tracking

The inmate population has been reduced to less than half the maximum occupancy to stem the spread of COVID-19.  This was accomplished via court order allowing the release of inmates with under 60 days remaining on their sentences and due to the emergency bail schedule adopted by the Judicial Council that set bail at $0 for most misdemeanor and lower-level felony offenses.

Medical Screenings

All incoming inmates now receive increased medical screenings.  All inmate workers are now screened on a daily basis.  All staff members are screened prior to the start of each shift.  All persons entering the jail also receive a medical screening.

Decreased Movement / Physical Distancing

All jail visitation has been suspended (inmates now receive two free ten-minute phone calls each week) and inmate programming has been suspended.  Inmates are now all housed in single cells and housing pods have been reorganized to provide for 6-foot distances between chairs.  Inmates are provided with literature regarding the importance of physical distancing.  Staff members now distribute commissary rather than the vendor.  Inmates have been provided with the ability to contact their attorney via tablet.


Jail cleaning has increased two-fold.  Sanitizer is now provided to the inmate population.  Inmate mail is held for 24 hours prior to distribution.


A ten bed isolation unit is utilized for any inmate displaying possible symptoms of COVID-19.  A 50 cell pod has been prepared as an additional isolation unit if necessary.


Upon release, inmates are provided with literature regarding available emergency housing.

COVID-19 Tracking