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Yolo County Sheriff's Office

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Special Units

ALERT: Area Law Enforcement Response Team

Every law enforcement agency at one time or another will be faced with an emergency or critical incident with greater risk and a higher potential for the loss of life than normal. Such incidents may involve confrontations with armed or barricaded suspects, the rescue of hostages or injured people, dealing with snipers, riots, crowd control, or dignitary protection. These situations can expose law enforcement personnel to an abnormal amount of risk and personal danger.

Yolo County Sheriff’s Office has entered into a written agreement with the cities of Davis, West Sacramento, Winters, and Woodland in the formation of a county-wide Area Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT) to ensure that effective emergency assistance is immediately available in time of a natural disaster, tactical event, or other law enforcement critical incident which exceeds the personnel and resource capabilities of an independent agency.

SWAT: Special Weapons and Tactics

SWAT is a group of carefully selected officers trained with Special Weapons and Tactics. The SWAT team has substantially reduced the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens, peace officers, and suspects. The well-managed team’s results have demonstrated successful resolution of critical incidents.

Six Yolo County Sheriff Deputies have been carefully selected to receive specialized SWAT training as part of the Sheriff’s commitment to ALERT.

CNT: Crisis negotiation Team

The Crisis Negotiations Team is comprised of Yolo County Sheriff’s Deputies who have specialized in dealing with those in crisis.  Members have equipment and experience that allows them to assist with barricaded subjects, hostage negotiations, and those threatening suicide.  CNT members work with members of the SWAT team when appropriate to assist in resolving situations with the least amount of conflict.  Members of this team train and respond to calls along with other crisis negotiation teams from other law enforcement partners in Yolo County.  The goal is always to resolve an incident without the loss of life even in volatile standoffs and situations.